I request you to read the complete guide.
In the end of the guide I've written a Secret for you. 
Lets get started:
I'll take an example and will go through all the steps for making it a perfect domain name.
You want to register a domain name for your Salon, only for Males, in Mumbai.
► Salon Name: Flair Salon

Note: If you want to start blogging or want to choose a domain name for your personal use then you can still go through this guide.

1. Give Priority to .COM TDL (Top Level Domain)

Whatever Domain Name you've decided to register just check if it is available in .COM or not.
Why .COM?
►Because .com is a Top Level Domain
►It is easy to remember
►Helps in Branding.
For ex: You've chooses to register "flairsalon" after that check if "flairsalon.com" is available or not.
If it is not, which represent your Salon Name then go with the .net, .co, .org and .info TDLs like "flairsalon.net" Or "flairsalon.co", etc. 
If your customer or audience is specific to a country then you can go with ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) like:
For India - .in (flairsalon.in) (Specific to India)
• For United States - .us (flairsalon.us) (Specific to Unites States)
• For Canada - .ca (flairsalon.ca) (Specific to Canada)
Here is the list of ccTLDs.

What is ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain)?

According to Wikipedia: A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is an Internet top-level domain generally used or reserved for a country, sovereign state, or dependent territory identified with a country code.
If the domain that you want to register is not available with the above TLDs then it is better to invest some more time to dig another domain name.
Tip: Don't choose any other TLDs like .online, .sports, .live, .xyz, etc.
Note: ccTLD are also rank worldwide. So Don't Worry.

2. Domain Name Trademarked or Not.

This is very very important thing to do before registering any domain name.
You should check that the domain name is trademarked or not. If it is trademarked then I'll advice you to stay away from that.
Because the trademark owner can take the legal action against you.
In India, you can check here and for others:
Google: "check trademark status" and click on respective results.
You can also take a piece of advice from a lawyer.

3. Easy to Pronounce

Choose a domain name which is easy to Pronounce. 
Your domain name is your identity on Google. 
What if it is hard to pronounce your identity? Then, it is hard to memories it and when it is hard to memories, then the people who have visited your website or blog won't come again.
It'll affect your Branding as well as your ranking.
Because they forget your identity due to lack of your domain name's pronounceability.
You should check if it is easy to pronounce or not. 
For ex: flairsalon.com            
You decide which one is easy to pronounce.

4. Choose A Short Domain Name

Prefer to choose a short domain name over a long one because if you choose a longer domain then it may be difficult for people to remember it which can make a huge difference on your Traffic (people visit your site).
Also the long domain names cause irritation when people type it.
For example: 1. flairhaircutsalon.com
                        2. looksmartinflair.com
                        3. myflairsalonhub.com
Don't choose these type of domain names.

5. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Sometimes you find that the domain name for that you've researched for hours is not vacant and the domain registrars(namecheap, domain, etc.) shows you the domain name with the Hyphen or Some Number is vacant.
Never go with these kind of domain names. 
The Reason is that these kind of domains are difficult to remember and are not SEO friendly. 
Hence, your ranking get affected and Your Brand Name will look spammy and untrustworthy.
For example: 1. flair-salon.com
                        2. flair-cut.net
                        3. flairsalon1.com

6. Check Social Media Availability

There are so many Social Media platforms but Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are very famous. 
So, it is also important that the domain name you have chooses need to be vacant on social media platforms because it is easy for people to find you on web.
For ex: I registered "flairsalon.in" domain name.
But before registering this domain I should check that the username is available on Instagram, Facebook, etc. for the same name or not.
Knowem- This website checks the availability of the name you have searched over 25+ social media platforms. 
Bonus: It will also tell you that the name is trademarked or not.

7. Your Domain is Your Brand

Instagram is just a name. What do you understand by this name? Of course, Nothing.
But it is a Brand. Same with Amazon, Alibaba, Apple, etc.
Why these names are brand? Because they are:
• Easy to Pronounce
• Easy to Type
• Short
• Easy to Memorize
• Unique
You should consider all these factors. Because the name you are going to choose represents you and it is not for a short period of time. You should think for a long period of time.

8. Insert Keywords that Match Your Work

Try to include keywords in your domain which represents your business or service when someone reads it.
Including such type of keywords also help in SEO. Apart from the Google's EMD(Exact Match Domain) which is no longer a necessity.
Watch this Video to get a clear picture of what EMD means.
For ex: Space X, Elon Musk's company. The name can easily tell people what kind of work it does, Right.

9. If You're Stuck Use Domain Name Generators

Yes, it happens sometime that the domain you want is already taken by somebody else. Don't worry, this happen with everyone. 
Even I had also frustrated. Then I find these Domain Name Generators which helped me a lot.
Nameboy and Lean Domain Search.
They are really great tools. Use them if you are stuck.


Oh Wait!
Secret: Only go to Domain Registrars (Namecheap, GoDaddy, Domain, etc.) website with your credit card not to check the availability of the domain.
Because if you check and won't register then the registrar will register on behalf of you and sell the same domain name to you at a higher price.
I did this mistake and I don't want that to be repeated. Please be careful with this.


Finally, it's done. Now go and choose a domain name for you and use this guide. First Five Points are very Important. Do follow them.
Also, tell me in the comments that How did you like this Guide?
It's simple as this→ Choose a Domain Name which Match with the name of your Business Or Choose Your Business name which Match with your Domain Name.
Thanks for sticking with this exclusive guide.
All The Best
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