Many of you've seen Referral Traffic in your Google Analytics (GA).

Shown below:


If don't then follow this-

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics.

2. Click on Acquisition, on your Left side

3. Go to Traffic Acquisition

Or simply search it in the GA's search bar.

What is Referral Traffic in Google Analytics?

Whenever someone visit your website through another source then google count that traffic as referral.

And that source can be a social media platform, website or webpage, blog, forum or any other kind of directory.

The source from where the person visited your website is called referrer because it refers that person to your website.

For example:

Whenever you go to the doctor for some health issue then he'll prescribe you some medicine and tell you to buy these medicines from this XYZ Store.

Here you can see that the doctor referred a Chemist store from where you can buy medicine.

It is same with Google Analytics.

If you visit my website from my Facebook Page then GA counts you as a referral traffic because you visited my site using another source i.e., Facebook.

And you may be wondering that,

Why are there different Facebook Referral Traffic?

- People who visit your website using Facebook on Desktop. - People who visit your website using Facebook in Mobile.

There are other different Facebook referrers in Google Analytics.

The letter 'I' in the URLs is called Link Shim.

Link Shim protects users from spammy or malicious links on Facebook.

There are two main reasons that why are there different Facebook Referrals:

1. Facebook has so many subdomains.

like, for mobile version it has different subdomain, in other countries it has other subdomain. This the reason why Google Analytics counts different Facebook Referrals.

2. Facebook uses redirects to protect their users from spammy and malicious links.

Do you know that you can use mobile version of Facebook in Desktop also,

Try out these links:




How to Track Referral Traffic?

You might be thinking that there are different types of social media referrals

than how can you track them separately.

Like, How can I know that how much traffic is coming from Facebook or Instagram or any other social platform?

The best way to track referral traffic is with UTM Parameters.


UTM helps you to create a customized URL which you can put on any social media of which you want to track traffic through google analytics.


Referral Traffic in Google Analytics helps you to track which platform is generating good traffic for your website and which one is not.

I also discussed about how you can track it. 

Measure the referral traffic and take action on those platform which are not bringing you traffic.

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